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Active and passive income – Be a spider

The all-time advice that we get when we were kids is to study hard, go to college, get a good job that pays you well so you could live a better life… I am not against this idea at all, but I am a big believer that this advice could be a problem if you ONLY stick to it.

Let’s learn a lesson from the difference between a lizard and a spider, they both live on eating bugs.

Lizzy the lizard wakes up hungry every morning and MUST go hunt for food (bugs), she has to physically pay time and efforts every day to eat so she can live.

Tyler the spider operates differently, he makes some efforts up-front and build a spider web in the corner, he relies on this web to catch his food every day for him while he is doesn't have to pay extra effort every day to live.

We all do what Lizzy does, TRADING TIME FOR DOLLARS, we wake up every day and MUST go to work to earn our living (paycheck), so we can live, which is OK, but the point I want to make is THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!

If we choose to only trade our time for money, we will be living unhappy and insecure, here are some reasons:

  • Machines and technology are replacing people in all market places, look at the self-checkout machines at retail stores and self ordering machines at MacDonald's.

  • Once you reach a certain age (45~50), companies tend to replace you with younger people who can bring more knowledge and sophistication to their products or services.

  • What if you physically can’t go to work? You have nothing to trade for a dollar!

  • The only way to increase your income, is to increase your time, and since there is no extra time in the day, you will be always limited.


You should build your real estate portfolio (spider web) and let it brings you income every day while you are sleeping, this is a huge shift, instead of trading TIME for dollar, you are trading VALUE for dollar, you provide value to the market place and this value is there even if you are not! you provide housing which is considered the most valuable asset for human to live, and that brings you income.

Be Smart like Tyler!

Don't be like Lizzy!

Ask me how to Start!

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